*gulp* Here goes… my first post on my first public blog. What is one supposed to say on such an occasion? There’s not even an audience for this introduction, at this point. I’ll most likely turn into Nervous Writer Alanna; the inner Grammar Nerd will tear the keyboard away from me, and I will end up sounding a bit stilted or like a misplaced citizen of the 19th century. I am proud of myself, though; I managed not to go back and change “I’ll” to “I will.” I recently restarted Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. In the forward, he mentions how much he dislikes writing that mimics speech. A writer, he states, should use words properly and he specifically outlaws the use of contractions. I have felt guilty ever since. I’ve. I’ve, I’ve, I’ve. So there Mr. Lewis.

Sorry. I digress. Please be forewarned: In writing, as well as in speech, I follow many rabbit trails. I also over use ellipses.

No person takes action without some motivation (yeah, Austrian Economics) so I suppose the best place to start is WHY. Specifically, why I’m taking this leap into the blogosphere. A month ago I was working a boring job for which I was overqualified. Going to work made me miserable but I was banging my head against a wall stubbornly clinging to an unrealistic hope that if I just persevered things would get better. The past two years have been overwhelmingly difficult for me and although I’m definitely climbing out of the rubble, I was still just drifting with life. Forgetting to follow my dreams and work for the full and beautiful life I wanted.

Then God intervened. Because drifting is never what He has planned for His children. I was fired. And it’s the best thing that’s happened to me all year.

Don’t get me wrong. I thrive on stability, routine, and safety. I’m the “you can’t open the microwave door until the timer stops so you’d better plan right” type of girl. The one who sat in the front row with her notebook and pencil at right angles. I dread change and avoid it at all costs. I’m no Eat, Pray, Love wannabe. Having my life turned upside down is NOT my idea of awesome. And, yet, I repeat: being fired is the best thing that’s happened to me in quite a while.

After the first few days, when it stopped feeling like the world was ending and the sting of humiliation wore off, I felt free. And excited. I remembered that I don’t have to wait for an opportunity to come along; I can go find them myself. Enjoying my job isn’t a goal for the distant future; it can happen now. Obviously, I need a job, a salary, and benefits. And I’m working on that. I actually have an interview in a couple weeks for an awesome job. But even before that fell into place, I’ve been feeling great. I’ve remembered that I can dream and do something about those dreams. And one of my dreams has been to open an Etsy shop and have a public blog. What better time to start than when my schedule is uncluttered by the restraints of a job?

And that, my friends, is how Charlie + Lu was born. The name is simple – it’s the names of my cats, Charlie and Lucy. The Etsy shop is in progress. And now the scary step of my first post is over.



5 thoughts on “Hi?

  1. Excellent first post! And can I just say how happy I am that getting fired was the best thing to happen to you in ages? I kind of hoped it would end up that way since I knew how much your job sucked, but praise God he thought so too. =o)

    Bethany B.

    • Thanks for being my first commenter! I’ve kept forgetting to subscribe Brenda’s and your public blogs on my feed reader but I did tonight and added you to my blogroll. 🙂

      • De nada! I’m honored to be the first commenter. =o) I need to figure out how to add you to my blogspot. (Yes, I know, you and/or Katharine think Blogspot is evil. Whatever. LOL.) I think Katharine should make a public blog. She would have so many interesting things to write about! Plus, everyone else is doing it… ;o)

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