The Princess Project

Almost every single little girl wants to be a princess at some point in her life. For some, it’s a brief stage. For others (read: me), it’s a dream that lasts quite a while. To be completely honest, that dream flickered a bit as I watched The Royal Wedding last month. When I consider the practical reality of what it means to be a princess in today’s world, it’s an entirely unappealing position. And yet still somehow the lacy dress, sparkling tiara, horse drawn carriage, and grand retinue appear and I’m six again, watching Beauty and the Beast, and day-dreaming that somehow a youngest daughter with an ancestral heritage which would rival a mutt’s would somehow end up being the long-lost heir to the throne of some country.

I’ll spare you the details of the bouncing train of thought that led to this idea and cut to the chase. A few days ago I got the [scathingly brilliant] idea to create a series of outfits using my current wardrobe, but inspired by the Disney Princesses. Now, mind you, I don’t intend to look like a Disney theme park employee who’s lost her way. I’d like to blend in with the general public. The plan is to look relatively normal under princess inspiration.

In pretty much ever circle of girlfriends I’ve had, we’ve picked “our” princess. You know, the one who’s most like you. And without fail, I’m always Snow White (good thing she’s one of my favorites anyway). So who better to inspire my first outfit? I need to recreate the look this week and get better photos, but here’s an Instagram (um, just got the app last week and – hello! – where have I been? Love it!) of my first attempt:

Snow White

Get it? Yellow [plaid] skit, blue tank top with the white peeking out like her collar. You can’t see but I’ve got a red ribbon in my hair. And the earrings are wooden, carved leaves – they remind me of the carving which decorates the Dwarves’ cabin. Oh, and please disregard the ugly, messy background; I’m in the process of moving in with a friend until I can afford rent on my own apartment.



6 thoughts on “The Princess Project

  1. This idea ROCKS! Everyone always told me I look like Snow White, but Belle is definitely my favorite. (Although, weirdly, as a teenager I felt I related a lot to Jasmine.) I can’t wait to see how the others turn out!

  2. You are ossim, O-S-S-I-M ossim. I’m excited to see what interesting and creative things you do next!

    Suggestion: as you continue the Princess Project, can you post pics of the original princesses for visual comparison?

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