Practically Perfect in Every Way

Nanny Blocks

Sorry about the break in blogging there. As if trying to pack and move, as well as get product ready to launch my Etsy shop and work on some projects for a mission trip next Month, weren’t making me crazy already, I have a new – albeit temporary – job! Today is my second day as full-time nanny to nine-month-old baby J. Little dude is a charmer and very laid back. Not a difficult job at all… as long as you don’t mind drool, dirty diapers,  conversation that’s unintelligible, and lots of playing with alphabet blocks. Plus, Baby J takes an hour nap in the morning and a 3 hour nap in the afternoon, giving me time to catch up on emails and blogging.

I also made my preliminary move into my new – again, temporary – home last night. You see up until the whole losing my job thing happened, I had been planning to move to an apartment on my own next month. But one can’t afford rent if one doesn’t have a job. So sweet friend M. offered to let me and the kitties live with her (rent free!) until I get myself settled in a new job. As in, she doesn’t care if I’m there for several months. See… I am super blessed with the most amazing friends ever. Anyway, I moved in all the “essentials” yesterday… just in time for the nasty, nasty weather to roll in. I hadn’t been listening to the weather reports so I didn’t think it was too serious. M. and I even went back to my old house for the cats and a few more things but I told her I really didn’t think it was that bad. But just as we were finishing dinner (around 8), the TV went out and we looked outside, and… y’all, it was CREEPTASTIC. It should have been dark at that point but it was a weird greenish orange everywhere outside and way too light for that late in the evening. M. and I match each other’s propensities for freaking out over bad weather so I packed up the kitties in their carriers again and we all settled in M.’s bathroom. We only ended up staying 15-20 minutes as a friend who had TV reception assured me it was passing over the north part of the city. The sky had settled back to a normal shade of late evening when we emerged. There have been so many severe storms this Spring. Way more than usual. If I didn’t know better I’d really believe that the world was ending on October 21 (did you hear? It’s been rescheduled).

Temporary and waiting seem to be a theme of my life right now. And like I mentioned in my introduction, I’m much more of a stability/routine sort of girl. I think, though, I may be finally learning just a bit how to be content with what’s before me right now, for however long it’s there. Sure, a big part of me is so longing to have things settled, to be able to move into my own place finally. Simply just to know what I’m going to do on a more permanent basis. I don’t like waiting and not knowing. But I’m really trying – and I think [hope] – succeeding in appreciating this little interim period. Living with M. is going to be fun; it’s an opportunity for us to get to know one another a lot better. And Baby J certainly has already caught my heart. A few months ago I read a post on a blog I read about waiting. How it is important what you DO with the waiting period and HOW you wait. It’s a time to be redeemed. It’s full of it’s own particular blessings. It really struck me because I think I’ve always viewed waiting as just something to get through. But I am trying to use this time of waiting well. Yeah there are things I’m really looking forward to. But I’m trying to just enjoy what I have right now.


One thought on “Practically Perfect in Every Way

  1. It should have been dark at that point but it was a weird greenish orange everywhere outside and way too light for that late in the evening.

    YES! I was extremely freaked out by that.

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