Day 7 – My Beautiful Friend Cat

Day 7 – Write a love letter to someone…

I actually had trouble with this one. I drew the envelope and stationery early in the day but absolutely could not decide on my recipient. I have so many people in my life who are amazing. Words are pretty important to me so I like to affirm my friends and family. Finally I asked M. (my roomie) and she suggested I think of someone who might need some words of affirmation. I immediately thought of my friend Cat from church. She is absolutely a ray of sunshine. I have seen her face a lot of heavy burdens and trials, not only with perseverance but also joy. I know I will never be with her without being blessed! I am so privileged to know her. So here’s to you, Cat! LOVE YOU! And I’m going to come do nothing with you before the week is over. Promise.


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