Life Lately: Instagram Style

I don’t believe I mentioned yet how big a fan I am of the iPhone app Instagram. Haha. 🙂 Seriously, my life was sadly deprived before I downloaded this. I have been taking pictures like mad the past few days! Want a glimpse of my life lately via Instagram? Read on, Lizzy! <– Kudos to you if you know that quote.

The kitties love the windows at the condo… nice and low with wide sills! Lu especially can often be found here. She likes to stretch out and snooze. It’s so cute because she’s got a little extra chub and her belly hangs off the windowsill!

 They also enjoy the fact that I put my wicker craft cabinet right by the bed… they can get up there and look down on me. Charlie likes to play “bat the fingers” with me. Oh my four-year-old kitty may be a grownup in cat years, but he’s still a kitten at heart [FYI, this is not Charlie in the pic, though].

It’s as hot as h-e-double hockey sticks, so Sunday afternoon, M. and I along with some friends had some quality time with the pool. The water is cool… ish. It won’t be long before it’s lukewarm and not refreshing anymore. Ugh… summertime is the season where I sometimes have regrets about living in the South. It’s so STINKIN’ HOTTTTTT.

Yesterday I saw this Lilly Pulitzer jeep. Completely floral. The tire cover said Lilly Pulitzer and the name of a store, which I’m assuming sells LP stuff. And, mom, I was at a red light. Not moving. 🙂 Anyway, I would never drive this but still I thought it was kind of awesome.

I love my naturally curly hair for many reasons, but one of them is that it is so easy to put up. A necessity in this hot weather. All I do is start pinning and I end up with this awesome twisty mess of curls. And a cool neck.

Some awesome, sweet church friends gave me their bread machine and I am SO delighted. I made the first batch last night and it turned out perfectly. M. wanted to go on a walk after work last night so we did an M.-style walk: go to the nearby snobby shopping area and window shop. We went into White House | Black Market, Ann Taylor, etc. and sampled tea from Teavana. When we arrived home, we’d forgotten about the bread. We took one step inside the house, breathed in, looked at each other, and “AAAAAAH!” We had bread and butter for dessert.

So there y’all go. Hope Summer is treating you well and you aren’t melting in the heat!



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