Weekend with Mumsy!

Sorry it’s been so long! My mom visited this weekend… I was out of commission with regards to internet for the most part. Just enjoying mother-daughter time! 🙂 Unfortunately I forgot about Instagram-ing everything after the first day, but sometimes it’s just good to be in the moment and enjoy. So here goes a recap…

She arrived Friday afternoon and after lunch we headed to the Mud Island Riverpark. It’s one of my favorite places in Memphis. It’s actually on an island in the Missippi and the park holds a scale model of the riverbed – from its beginning in the North to the Gulf of Mexico (represented by a large pond in which you can ride paddle boats!). Along the way, the major cities are laid out in slate tiles, with metal showing roads.

Memphis is larger than the scale of the river and it’s fun to find all the places I know. Mom and I even snuck in a quick visit to Graceland (which, by the way, I have never visited, even after 4 years – too expensive!):

It was a hot day (like pretty much every summer day here) but there was a lovely breeze and we waded through the “river.” There are such lovely views from the island: downtown, the forested Arkansas banks across the way… and the famous TN-AR ‘M’ for Memphis bridge. Or is it only famous to people who live here?

The river is still pretty high from the flooding in April and May – I never actually joined the thousands of Memphians who went down to gawk at the flooding (and I kinda regret it). It was amazing to see the high water mark. I couldn’t even fathom that much water. It went from a width of 1 mile to 3 miles. We spent awhile dangling our feet in the pond and wading some more, then headed to the inhabited part of the island. It’s a planned community – a subject which my brother the architect could tell you way more than I can – but what I know is it means is pretty much the most adorable community in Memphis. I would SO live there if it weren’t far away from everything in my life.

I mean, how cute is that? It’s got such French Quarter feel, without the dinginess and drunk people of Bourbon Street. There’s a quaint, little grocery store where we split a [very large] sandwich, The Parisian: brie, ham, apples, and mustard on a croissant. NOM!

During dinner I had a scathingly brilliant idea to go to Seize the Clay, an independent and very awesome paint your own pottery place. We collaborated on a gift for some very special friends. Since I link to the blog from Facebook, I won’t post a finished product. Never know who clicks through! But here’s a couple ‘in process’ pics…

Our color scheme! Which reminds me… I still haven’t picked it up! Oops. Gotta run errands this afternoon, so I’ll add that to the list. It’s soooo much fun to pick up the finished piece and see how awesome it looks glazed and fired. Can’t wait!

My beautiful, sweet Mumsy! Several people actually thought she was my sister at church on Sunday. No one believes she’s old enough to be a grandma! Which is good news for me… we pretty much look exactly alike so I have a great future ahead of me. If I take care of myself, that is.

After this, as I mentioned, I forgot about taking photos. I kinda wish I’d taken some more, but I have loads of good memories of sweet times with my mama. Perhaps that’s best overall. No fussing about pausing for a picture, just enjoying the time together.

Love you mumsy! And happy early birthday!


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