Returning and 30 Goals

 I’m back. I was a zombie for the first week back from Honduras, and then I had a self-doubt-induced blogger’s block. But this week I’m trying to set a little more of a schedule for myself and I’m trying out specific trips to Panera for the sole purpose of blogging and job hunting (yeah, still). I nannied again for a few days last week and realized that I get a lot more accomplished when I’m in a different setting than home. Oh and see my pretty hair flower? It’s blazingly hot pink in person… a gift from some friends years ago when they went to Hawaii.

AND… big news is I have *officially* set Friday – yes, this Friday the 15th, as the launch day for Charlie + Lu! WOOHOO! Much of my blogging self-doubt was really based in self-doubt about an Etsy venture, but I am determined to push through. Because, really, what the heck is wrong with me that I actually had a tummy summersault writing out that I’m officially launching? Etsy is pretty much the easiest venue in which to start. I can direct all my friends from around the country to the shop. I don’t have to shell out more than the $0.20 per item listing fee.  If people don’t want to buy, I don’t have to deal with the in-your-face rejection I would at a craft fair. I’ve had LOADS of enthusiasm and encouragement from everyone who’s heard my idea. And for goodness sakes, it’s been a dream for several years! In fact it’s even on my “30 Before 30” list of goals to accomplish in the next almost-four years (I made it last year after my 25th birthday).

Hey, great idea… I should share my list with you. Hoping I can find it. Okay… here it is, with comments today in bold and accomplished goals crossed out:

1.       Run a ½ marathon  December 4, 2010

2.       Read all of Dickens’ works

3.       Be debt free (current debt) – I specified current debt because I think my current level of date is a manageable goal to pay off in 5 years – but if, say, I get married and buy a house, that debt won’t be included in the goal.

4.       Start an Etsy shop – Almost accomplished this one!

5.       Start painting again

6.       Sell 5 paintings

7.       Return to Brazil

8.       Return to Japan

9.       Mission trip with church – June 22-27, 2011

10.   Be fluent in Portuguese

11.   Be fluent in French

12.   Be fluent in Spanish

13.   Visit every state once (finish) – I am convinced that Puerto Rico will become a state on August 9, 2015 (day before my birthday). Perhaps I should schedule celebrating my birthday in Puerto Rico just in case…

14.   Learn Toccata and Fugue in d minor by Bach (and play in church)

15.   Write 500 letters (handwritten – no computer!) – I planned this to be about 2 letters per week and so far… 0 written. Oops. Need to get on that.

16.   Learn to crochet granny squares and make a blanket

17.   Write a business plan for a non-profit

18.   Buy a DSLR and take a photography class

19.   Read Les Trois Mousequetairesin case you couldn’t guess, that’s The Three Musketeers, in French (the original language)

20.   See Bryn Terfel with the Metropolitan Opera in NYC

21.   Buy and wear a bikini – okay, as someone committed to a certain level of modesty, I’m going to qualify that what I have in mind is a vintage-y, more covering bikini… but it kinda represents a sort of good body-image/self confidence thing to me… I dunno if I can explain it, but it makes sense in my head, ‘kay?

22.   Swim with dolphins

23.   Go on a destination-less road trip

24.   Donate blood – I am needle-phobic to a certain degree and have issues passing out with shots/IVs, so this is actually the most scary one to me… I am betting I accomplish this on August 9, 2015 – the day before I turn 30

25.   Learn to do solo hand-bell ringing (and play in church)

26.   Swim in the Gulf of Mexico

27.   Sponsor at least two more Compassion kids

28.   Achieve 500 followers on my blog – I had another one in mind at the time, but I reserve the right to change this to C+L

29.   Finish scrapbooking my Brazil trips

30.  Memorize a book of Scripture

There ya go… and, yeah, this was totally and completely inspired by Janel! She does her goal list a little differently, like 30 before 30 for the year before she turns 30. I went big and gave myself five years and some rather big goals. The travel is going to be the tough one. I’m not dead set, “I will be so disappointed in myself if I don’t accomplish all of these” about this list. I’m not even going to consider it a failure not to complete it all because I know it’s kind of a big list. But I thought it would be fun to have a list of fun things to accomplish. I like lists and goals. I’m not much competitive with others, but I’m fairly competitive with myself. I’ve always kept some sort of bucket list, but I figured I probably wouldn’t start doing those things if I kept my end goal as “when I die.”

I have a bunch more post ideas, but I’ll probably future date them so you don’t get all overwhelmed with posts. I need to pace myself.



5 thoughts on “Returning and 30 Goals

  1. I love your dedication and focus on such wonderful goals. When you get to #24, give me a call and you can do it at St. Jude where the blood will go straight back to the patients receiving treatment. I will even go with you and donate with you. 😉 You’re doing great! ~Kelly

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