3… 2… 1…

It’s birthday week! Two days! *throws confetti* Yes, Wednesday is my 26th birthday – I love birthdays and believe in Birthday Week, versus just a day of celebration. Today I’ve decided to put together a little birthday wishlist. I love to see other bloggers’ collections of pretty finds, so I figured my birthday is an excellent opportunity to create my own. So here goes, in no particular order (pictures are links to the items)…

Is this poster from The Literary Gift Company not the coolest? It’s got the names of famous authors all arranged where they wrote and lived. There’s one for the UK, too. And once I move into my own apartment, I’ll need a lot more art for the walls.

Yep… I want a Kitchenaid Mixer. I used the image of the brushed nickel one because ultimately I think it would be best to get something to match a lot of different colors (still don’t know what colors I’ll use in my kitchen). But isn’t this one divine?

My sister had a set of the Flower Fairies books – little hardcovers. I would love the whole collection!

I think this ring is incredible. It’s so gorgeous! I love sort of woodsy/elven jewelry.

I love her voice! She seems so sweet, too. I hope her innocence is protected.

If you have not seen the documentary Born Into Brothels, YOU MUST. It is the story of how the Kids with Cameras organization was founded. It’s so beautiful but bittersweet. This is a book containing the kids’ photographs.

Last, but not least… an Instax camera! I love seeing other bloggers’ post their Instax photos and it seems like so much fun!

Well… I really could go on, but at the risk of seeming greedy and materialistic, I’ll stop. Oh… if you need my mailing info to send any or all presents, just email me: charlieandlu at gmail dot com. πŸ˜€



2 thoughts on “3… 2… 1…

  1. Hope birthday week was amazing! I’m with you sista – that ring is divine! I’m trying to procure that lovely Kitchenaid Epicurean from Craigslist on the cheap. We’ll see how it goes. May 26 rule!! xx Marisa

    • Birthday week was great! I got to celebrate several times with different sets of friends. I felt very loved and special – and that what makes a birthday great, right?
      P.S. Your comment made my day – I love your blog and it was exciting to have you comment on my little nook of the internet. πŸ™‚

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