Not About Missoni for Target

This is not a post about Missoni for Target. Because y’all can read about that one everyone and their mom’s blogs and Missoni for Target when I am unemployed = cruel and unusual punishment. 😦 However, I still tortured myself and clicked through the whole collection. Sigh.

In other news, I have had another shop sale – from someone I don’t know! It’s a friend of a friend, but still… exciting. And I made two deliveries at church today. I have some new styles (the church deliveries were based on requests and turned out great!) I need to make again and photograph! Plus I saved my wrapping paper from my birthday… going to have some pretty, colorful new earrings in the shop soon! One of the great things about delivering the purchases in person this morning was that I got to see the ladies’ faces when they opened them (plus I had them in brown lunch bags tied with twine and it was adorable). One of my biggest inspirations creating and baking is to do it for someone. I just love to delight people and make them excited and pleased.  Of course, being a people pleaser has its own set of issues, but I do so enjoy the fact that I can be creative and then share it with someone else, bringing them joy as well as the joy I get from the creation process. That was not exactly the most well-constructed sentence, but y’all knew what I meant, right? I wish I could travel with each thing I sell and watch the purchaser open it up.

I’ve just got connected on Facebook with my daddy’s cousin in Alabama. Although I myself am a transplant to the South, my grandpa’s family is a very Southern, Alabama family, so I’m at least a quarter Southern-blooded! We’ve just been chatting and she’s teaching me how to be a good Southern belle. I’d been thinking of sharing the little ways I’ve been assimilating the Southern culture, and this was another motivation. So, in the past four years I’ve come to:

  • Hate going out in public without dressing up a little and certainly not without at least lipgloss, but preferably some lipstick.
  • I don’t think it was even a year before I was back in full swing saying “y’all.” We lived in Richmond, VA, when I was little – being a child I picked up on it easily and it never quite left my vocab.
  • Have a definite taste for sweet tea, fried pickles and fried green tomatoes, strawberry cake, BBQ… now I’m salivating!
  • Use at least occasionally the following phrases: pitch a fit, fix/make a plate, love me some…
  • Stroll… you don’t understand the leisurely pace of the South until you’ve lived through a Summer. Then you know you have to go slowly!
  • Love me some Vera Bradley! I know VB is loved in the North, too… but whoooo, boy, is she all over the South!
Well, that’s a good list for now. My cousin (I am too confused to figure out the whole how-many-removed) is encouraging me to pick an SEC team… leaning towards UT because I like their bold, bright color, and simple logo. That’s why you pick a team, right? Plus, I don’t know as many UT fans as fans of other teams and the imp in me does love to tease and trash talk.



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