Happy Birthday to Brenda!

Oh, drat. I did it wrong - L's on the left, and C on the right.

 A new week has begun and the page has turned on My Birthday Week. Tragic. However… it means it is now Elvis’s Death Week, my dear friend Brenda‘s Birthday Week! Today is her special day and I want to write a post celebrating her because she is an amazing lady and friend.

A little history: this is not my actual first blog. Gasp. For seven-and-a-half years I have kept a private journal on the old-school social networking site, LiveJournal. For those of you unfamiliar with this platform, it’s kind of like a combination of a blog and Facebook, but predates either concept. My journal is only viewable to my “friends list,” those users to whom I have chosen to grant access (a great privilege, I know). Back in early Spring 2008 – which in Memphis terms is probably February – my sister, also an LJ user – suggested I add her friend Brenda, who also lived in Memphis (I had moved about six months earlier). Well that April I took the scary step of Meeting an Internet Friend for the first time. Except it actually was not scary at all. Brenda and I met up at the now defunct Atlanta Bread Company. Not only did we unwittingly park next to each other and wear the exact same sunglasses, on our way out an older man asked if we were twins. We’re the same height, same build, and have dark curly hair (at that time, the same length, too).

The rest, as they say, is history. Over the past three-and-a-half years, Brenda has become one of my dearest and closest friends. I consider her a big sister and feel truly blessed to know her. In some ways we have different personalities, but in other ways we are so similar! And we have pretty identical tastes… movies, clothes, food, pets, etc. We even both have two cats, a boy and a girl, who have very similar personalities (social girl kitty and neurotic boy kitty). Only thing where we diverge is music, although some overlaps. Brenda is one of the strongest women I know. I’ve been privileged to walk with her through some pretty dark terms and I have been amazed to see her hang on with determination, even when all she wanted to do was let go. God’s given her a faith that cuts straight through the shadows. Over the past year I’ve watched her blossom even further. She’s strong and capable, sensitive and caring, stylish and beautiful. She’s been a great support to me in my own personal difficulties the past year or two.

Brenda, I love you and thank God that you’re a part of my life! You’re one of the reasons I know that God has made Memphis a part of my life journey. I can say wholeheartedly my life is better for knowing you.

Stole this from Brenda... us at her 4th of July party this year.

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