Some beauty recommendations…

Sorry. I’ve been such a bad blogger. I did have an excuse last weekend… I went away last minute. But I’ll tell you about that later, once I upload some pictures from my phone. Gotta illustrate the story, you know.

Do you sometimes get creative log-jam? Not really writer’s block or a creative desert. It’s just so much ideas and potential swirling around that I get overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. My mind’s like, “I want to tell you about my favorite beauty products! I want to write about self-deprecation and self-image! I want to post dreams for my future apartment decorating! I want to share some charities and causes that have touched my heart!” And then I don’t do anything and that is so not the best way to get it all out. Well, it’s the complete opposite of being creative. Hello Captain Obvious!

So today since I’m a bit headache-y and tired, I’m going to start with the silliest, easiest post… taking you through my beauty regimen, sort of, through the different products I love. Sound boring? Well, go visit another blog! I’m totally okay with that. I, however, love to read others’ opinions on products. I have been trying over the last couple years to really be careful about the ingredients in the stuff I put on my body. AND I have a budget. In this day and age, it’s easy to find healthy, environmental beauty products. It’s not so easy to find them at a normal girl’s price. So here’s some stuff I found that’s good for you and for your pocketbook!

Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Eye Makeup Removal Lotion

I just got this a couple weeks ago from Target. At $4.99 it’s compatible with most other makeup removers. All the ingredients (and there aren’t many) are natural… the best part? This is the best stinkin’ makeup remover I’ve ever used! I dab a little on either side of a cotton ball and that’s enough to clean both eyes. Yeah BOTH. One side of the cotton ball per eye. And I have friend who hasn’t been able to find a makeup remover that doesn’t make her eyes sting. She was with me this weekend and borrowed it… and it doesn’t make her eyes sting. She was impressed. At night, I usually use just all-natural soap or mix a little baking soda and water to cleanse my face. Baking soda is an awesome beauty product. Keep reading…

I am a Curly Girl and proud of it!

This book literally changed my hair’s life. I had discovered a few of the suggestions on my own but once I plunged in to the CG method full-steam, my hair went from a frizzy, hot mess to silky ringlets (okay, most of the time – I still have bad hair days). Really. I wish I had a good comparison shot. Shampoo hasn’t touched my scalp since January 9, 2005 and my hair couldn’t be happier. Before you freak out, yes I do wash my hair! Curly hair is very dry and delicate and most shampoos are far too harsh. Right now, I’m on an every other pattern. One day I cleanse my scalp with conditioner, the next with a baking soda paste, a brown sugar + baking soda paste, or just brown sugar. My hair loves baking products!


Smells so good!

Keeps mosquitoes away!

Grr… I wish I knew how to get the photos on one line. Anyway, I use Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition conditioner because a) it smells good, b) it’s cheap, and c) it’s silicone-free and full of natural, real ingredients! I just started using the Garnier Fructis Pure Clean gel… my hair likes it! Plus, it’s got citronella in it. I swear it helps keep the mosquitoes away. Seriously – I was in the pool with friends a few weeks ago. Normally I get eaten up. Several of them were struggling to keep the skeeters away and I wasn’t bothered at all!


I bought the Physician’s Formula Organicwear Jumbo Lash Mascara after reading a review in InStyle. Let me say… it is SO worth it! One of the things I love best about it – besides the natural ingredients – is that it doesn’t clump or dry “stiff!” You know how most mascaras make your lashes feel stiff and crunchy? When this dries, your lashes are springy and soft, almost like you don’t have anything on! This is about the only really healthy makeup I use. Currently I use some Cover Girl mineral foundation. I don’t love it but it works and I had it on hand (remember, unemployed = no money). I was using ELF’s mineral foundation and sheer powder, which are AMAZING and $5 each. Seriously… worked like BareMinerals. But Target stopped carrying them – Boo! I need to order from the site. When I have money.

A must-have lotion

Couldn’t live without this lotion – okay yes I can but I’d rather not. It’s very light but moisturizes longer and better than any other lotion I’ve tried. It’s very natural. And it lasts forever. I bought it probably almost two years ago and still have a lot left. It’s only $10-15 at Whole Foods, or on their website. I just saw they have conditioner, too! Must try it out.

So there you go. A long, and perhaps boring, post on some of my favorite beauty products! What are some of your must-haves?



6 thoughts on “Some beauty recommendations…

  1. This was fun! I want to try some of these things.

    I’ve tried the curly girl method but eventually I couldn’t stand not washing my hair. I’ve even gone without shampooing (using conditioner and baking soda, and also vinegar rinses sometimes) for like two months and my hair seemed to get so unsoft and thick-feeling. So I’m not sure what’s with that.

    I use the Tresemme Flawless Curls Gel, and so does Brenda, last I checked. LOVE.

    • Yeah… you definitely have to find what works for you. I don’t do everything the books says to do.
      I think I’ve used that gel and like it. I change almost every time I buy something. I’ve heard – and it seems to be true for me – that your hair “adjusts” to products and changing things can revive your hair. I cycle through my favorites.

  2. YAY Curly Girl! I can’t wash my hair every day, even with just water, because then my scalp gets dry and flaky anyway. I will have to look into your gel. I could use all the mosquito repellent possible.

  3. I’m so interested in your lack of shampoo. I have fine curly hair and shampoo my hair TWICE when I shower every morning. Sometimes my scalp will get itchy, but if I don’t shampoo multiple times, my hair will be completely weighed down. Curly hair is such a struggle! (But I guess I secretly think it’s pretty.)

    • Hi! Every person has to figure out what’s best for her own hair. I’m no expert but I’ve read and followed the Curly Girl book for almost 7 years (eep!). Something interesting I learned from it… we actually teach our hair to be oilier. Curly hair is very dry and delicate so generally, the more you wash the more oil it produces to try and combat the effect of shampoo (drying out the hair). I would recommend reading the book, and researching the no shampoo method on Google, before experimenting. And one piece of advice that’s really important: give it SEVERAL WEEKS if you want to try. Your hair will need an adjustment period. It will get nasty before it gets better! Sorry! And it may take a while to find the exact routine for you. This summer I started doing some things the book recommends but was always to lazy to introduce into my routine. My hair loves it and is healthier and happier than ever. Good luck! Feel free to email me with any more questions: charlieandlu at gmail dot com.

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