A sick Cam!

Hello, firemen! Hello, my sweet Camry! Ruh-roh! Those two things shouldn’t go together. Cam and I had quite an adventure this morning. And this was after last weekend, when she started steaming and ended up having her radiator replaced by a sweet church friend. I literally have THE BEST friends EVAH.

Roomie M. and I had a lovely morning planned… we headed to Shelby Farms (the largest urban park in the nation, FYI) to run. I do SO love Shelby Farms. It’s so cool to see how many people utilize this awesome park. There are always loads of people there… from all walks of life, in all shapes, sizes, genders, age. There are walkers, bikers, runners, and families strolling along. I didn’t have the greatest run… I was dehydrated and it was pretty humid, so I did walk 1/4 – 1/2 mile when it got really still at one point. I have exercise-induced asthma and, although I take my inhaler before running, I am very affected by the weather when it comes to running. Wednesday I had a lovely 4.5 mile run, never felt sore at all afterwards. This morning I probably didn’t quite make 3 miles before walking. In the heat I just wasn’t breathing in enough oxygen and combined with dehydration I felt light-headed and sick. Okay, sorry! //running nerd//

The adventure with Cam started when we arrived home and I pulled the key out of the ignition. Only problem is… the car didn’t exactly stop. To be precise, she started shaking and the engine made that choking sound like when it has trouble starting. It would disappear as soon as I restarted the engine, and shake and choke when I turned it off. I even opened the hood, although I really couldn’t have done anything since I don’t know the first thing about my car’s engine. I tried once or twice to start the car again. That’s when it happened: white smoke started pouring out of the hood. M. and I pulled our stuff out and stepped to the other side of our SMALL parking lot… it’s really just spaces on either side of the one-way drive through the complex. I called 911 right away, and thank God the smoke started dissipating by the time I’d explained what happened. They sent a firetruck – sirens, lights and all! – and the guys tried to see if they could figure anything out. See above. Again praise the Lord, there is no evidence of a fire and the engine is perfectly in tact.

The friend who replaced my radiator came out to check Cam out. Long story short: she has a problem with the starter (not too shocking as she’s had some trouble starting this summer) and someone at some point ghetto-fixed an important fuse. There’s not even a fuse box (is what the plastic thingy is called?), they just pinched the metal connectors together. So that is overheating and it looks like it heated up the wires to my headlight, which are right beneath, which is what shows signs of heat damage. Also I think the starter could have been smoking, he said, because it couldn’t turn off. BOOOOOOOO!

Did I mention that I make my final car payment next Monday? It’s like that event triggered poor Cam to start falling apart. At least it seems that once I replace the starter and this bad fuse, Cam will still run fine for a while. I was planning to drive her as long as I can and use the money from the car payments to start a fund for my next down payment and also apply it to my student loans. Thanking God that plan still seems feasible!

I am waiting to hear back from I job I want so badly. Like, more than I’ve ever wanted a job before. It seems like a perfect fit and the whole process leading up to it seems so clearly to have the Lord’s hand on it. I had a great interview last Friday. It was tough to end the week yesterday with no word, but I realized on the phone with my parents that perhaps it’s good I don’t have a job to try to get to Monday morning. Now I can take care of my Cam. 🙂



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