Zookeeper. That’s a new one to add to my always-growing résumé of jobs! I’m house-sitting for some friends this week… but not just house-sitting, I’m also watching a whole menagerie of animals. First there’s the two dogs (out of four – two are being watched by other friends) and the guinea pig. Then the aquarium full of beautiful, colorful fish, and the two turtles living in the garage. Add my two kitty crazies to that mix. And finally then there’s Ruby. Meet my new friend:

Ruby Lou Sushi

Oh, yes! That’s a pig. A cute and surprisingly endearing pig! But not a small pig. Ruby stands about mid-thigh height and weighs in, I’m guessing, somewhere around 200 lbs. She lives in the backyard and has a manger/shed on the back patio. She’s too large to come inside anymore but there’s a hole in the screen door from the dogs; throughout the day, Ruby sticks her head through the hole and oinks a ‘hello.’ I’ll grab some fresh veggies or fruit and feed her a snack. Never been on my list of potentially interesting activities, but it’s actually rather fun. She’s very gentle and sweet; takes the food out of my hand with contented grunts but never comes close to biting (yeah, she does appear to have teeth!). I think out of all the animals, she’ll be the one I miss the most when her family arrives home today. She’s quite oddly-cute, and in a funny way is a very peaceful animal to spend time with. She’s laid back and happy. I tried to scratch her ears the other day but her bristles are far too stiff and thick to let my fingers past!

Oh, and for the curious among my readers… Ruby eats 2.5 – 3 cups of cat food a day, covered over with water, sort of like a bowl of cereal. I have learnt that pigs eat and drink at the same time, so she needs the soupy mixture. Yuck.


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