Hello. O_o

Ah, yes. Question of the day: do I remember I have a neglected blog and Etsy shop?

Answer: I do. And the neglect is most definitely not from forgetfulness. C + L is actually quite often on my mind. I’ve even got a mental list of post and even post-series ideas. I’m going to be honest… this blog/Etsy venture is so much more difficult than I imagined. STINKIN’ INTIMIDATING, to be quite frank. I’ve got this paralyzing cycle that goes on in my mind. I know that to have better success with especially the shop, I’ve got to put myself out there. I’ve got to put a lot more effort into driving traffic to my store. And I even have a list of marketing ideas. But here’s the little thing that’s been messing with my mind: now I can say, “Oh there’s not many sales at the shop or followers for the blog because of me. It’s my fault… I’ve not done all the marketing projects I’ve planned.” Okay. So that’s not a super enjoyable thing to admit. But you know what’s worse in my mind? If I make the effort, put myself out there… and nothing. Because THAT means rejection. That means that my handiwork and my writing are No Good.

Oh, yes, yes… rationally I know that building up a reader and customer base takes time. Suffering through lots of dry time. But. Yeah, rational and calm thinking aren’t generally my forté when it comes to taking Big Steps to Put Myself Out There. And I do know that what others think is not in any way an actual gauge of the worth of me and my work. But yeah… try convincing my emotions of that truth.

So. FEAR. That ugly word. Fear is what’s behind the neglect. But I told y’all about it, didn’t I? I’m a good one to be motivated by accountability. When I wanted to run the 1/2 marathon last Winter, I told as many people as I could what I was planning… that way I had to do it.

Okay. I’m ready to recommit. I’m going to decorate a little moleskin to dedicate as a Blog/C+L ideas book. ‘Cause cute accessories and tools (and outfits!) are also a huge factor in motivation for me. And once I have the cute notebook, I’m going to write down all the ideas. Get them out of my brain and onto paper. And then I’m going to start crossing them off.

Thanks for listening… see you SOON!


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