30 Day Photo Challenge! Day 1

Today via Pinterest, I stumbled across positively present’s 30 Day Gratitude Photo Challenge. It seemed fun and easy (y’all know I love Instagram!) and a great way to help me get more settled into a blog routine. It was almost dinner time and I looked at the prompt for Day 1: Favorite Food, and that was it. I was all, “Ohemgeeeeeee I have to go to Target for some cheese ravioli!”

Cheese ravioli with melted butter Smart Balance and [lots of] parmesan cheese. A glass of milk. And seeing as I am actually an adult, I was good and included those green beans hiding in the corner. Yes. My favorite food at 26 is the same as it was at 3. Ravioli all the way! I remember we used to go to the Spaghetti Factory in Portland (my hometown to age 5.5) and I would always order the adult ravioli plate. I was this teeny, fluffy-haird pixy and the waitresses never would believe when they returned to a completely empty plate. This girl loves her some pasta and cheese! NOM!

Time for sleeps, y’all! See you tomorrow…



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