30 Day Photo Challenge – Catchup 2-4

Sorry… got a little behind there. Gasp, shocking. I was taking the pics, though, y’all! So here goes… days 2-4:

Day 2: Smile

Day 2 (11-11-11): Smile… smiling because I made a new outfit and felt super cute. Smiling because I’m a nerd and it was a palindrome day. Smiling because I was off to an interview. Smiling because the interview went well and I realized I actually kind of like interviewing (masochist maybe? I dunno… I’m just a people person. There’s a bit of a high). Smiling because my mom was visiting my sister and texted me a picture of her 24-week baby belly (with one of the dogs sniffing her bum hahaha).

Day 3: Happiness

Day 3 (11-12-11): Happiness. A cup of tea (especially peppermint or something else calming) is almost a sure-fire guarantee to sooth me to a contented happiness. I love the whole process… setting the kettle to boil, steeping the tea (and preparing the strainer, if I go loose-leaf), stirring in the honey, sipping ’til it’s cool enough to drink. Even when the previous day’s interview came back negative, tea still made me happy. And if you pair a chocolate chip cookie with it… well that’s just amazing.

Day 4: Leaves

Day 4 (11-13-11): Leaves. My picture was going to be the wind-swept piles of leaves by the back gate to the parking lot until I went out the other door of the condo to go get the mail. This beautiful tree is right outside. We live on the second story so I got a wonderful view. I’m so glad I did because we’ve had rain the past two days and now most of the leaves  are gone!

Alright. Caught up. Coming shortly – today’s picture! Woohoo!



One thought on “30 Day Photo Challenge – Catchup 2-4

  1. What a good idea to do that 30 day photo challege 🙂 I might just join you! Lovely smile! And once again, I share your love of tea. A good cup of tea is so calming and I always feel that “all is right with the world” having a cup of tea at night.

    blessings to you sister!!



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