Have yourself an Indie Christmas!

My first pumpkin pie!

I am pretty much the worst blogger ever. Sorry, y’all. At least the past few days I have an excuse – my parents have been visiting from Philadelphia. They arrived Wednesday evening and have to go back tomorrow evening. 😦 We’ve had a delightful time. Lots of yummy food. LOTS. I have a bunch of Instagrams to show you. But right now I have something else on my mind!


Link Party!

I’m participating in the Indie Christmas link party hosted by Janel, Kate, Casey, and Danielle. I’m not going to get on a soap box about Black Friday. But I am going to encourage you to really consider independent businesses and artisans as you do your Christmas shopping. The benefit to you – a high-quality, unique gift your loved ones will really enjoy. In addition, you will be directly supporting an independent artisan. In this economy, so many people have turned to their own skills and hard work to supplement their incomes or even to fully support themselves.

Of course I’d love some business at Charlie + Lu. Because of my parents’ visit, I haven’t got photography of my latest earrings, but I plan to update the shop tomorrow night. In addition, I’ve got some new non-jewelry products in the works as well. But if my products don’t fit any of the people on your gift list, I encourage you to look around Etsy and/or your local businesses to purchase presents. And a perfect place to start is the Indie Christmas link party! Click on the link above to view the hundreds of independent bloggers and artisans linking to this effort!

xoxo, and happy shopping,


7 thoughts on “Have yourself an Indie Christmas!

    • Hi Jessica! I’m so glad to have you stop by. See my latest post – I finally got on Bloglovin’ so I hope you can follow that way. And thanks for the compliment on the header – I don’t consider myself very good with graphics so I really appreciate it. xoxo

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