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^ Hey, would you look at that! I finally got with the blogging times and joined Bloglovin’. So now all you non-WordPress peeps can follow me. WOOHOO! So. Go ye, therefore, and follow mine blog.

Tonight I sent the parents off on their flight back home to Philly(ish). They really live in a small town in Bucks County, PA, north of Philly, but I just say Philly to everyone down here. We had a great visit. Did some cool things. Experienced some uncool things – Hello, Cam’s breaks falling apart (like, literally)! I shall have a fuller report [with Instagrams!] tomorrow, probably.

Just finished enjoying some hot cocoa with leftover real, made-by-me whipped cream. Nom. Wishing y’all a happy Monday tomorrow! Call me crazy, but I actually kind of like Mondays. And I even did when I was working. There’s something fresh and new, a little bit exciting about Mondays.



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