Hello y’all! Not totally inspired tonight so I thought I’d just share a few tidbits with you, bullet-style.

  • This is a fabulous commentary – The Death of Pretty. I don’t have much more to add because it’s been so well said in the post, but… I do desire to be “pretty,” as the author defined it. Beauty + Innocence. There’s often a fine line but I hope we ladies make the choices to be pretty rather than “hot.”
  • Tomorrow is Epiphany… which has become my traditional “take down the Christmas decorations” day. Booo. I love Christmas! 😦
  • My mom sent me a new calendar… this one. It’s so dreamy and lovely! Even at 26, there’s much of the imaginative little girl in me. I need to find just the right place to put it up. 😉
  • I used some Christmas money to do a little shopping at Target for ME yesterday. Got some knee socks to wear under boots, a top I’d been eyeing for two months (sadly it wasn’t on sale like the rest of the Winter clothes but it was worth it), and some skinny plastic headbands. I’ve gotten [mostly] content with not being able to shop for myself – outside of an occasional Goodwill trip – but it was fun to get some new, pretty things for me. I’ve been wearing the headbands constantly. Well… one at a time, you know. 😉
  • Speaking of hair, I so, so, SO have been wanting bangs for almost a year but I follow a very natural haircare method. With my curly hair, I can’t think of a way to get my hair not to pop into teeny ringlets without using a heat tool (out of the question, except possibly a hairdryer with a diffuser). Sad. I had a rather unfortunate period in college where I cut my own bangs and it took so much work (and a curling iron) to get them not to make an idiotic fringe of curls on my forehead. Granted, I did an awful job of it, which didn’t help either.

Alrighty. Watching some little ones in the morning so I need my sleep. Hope you enjoy the weekend! It’s my first weekend NOT catering in probably two months (outside of Thanksgiving and Christmas weekends). I’m not sure what to do with myself!


6 thoughts on “Tidbits

  1. I’m so glad you go to go shopping a bit.

    My hair is curly (though not quite as much as yours) but I still managed to have bangs without much work. They were sideswept though, not blunt, so that’s a bit easier to pull off if a bit of a wave comes back. I just blew them straight with a round brush and a blow dryer. It didn’t take very long. And I did cut and maintain them myself; it wasn’t difficult.

    • That gives me hope… I may get a dryer and a diffuser. When I cut them in college, they sprang up into teeny ringlets if I didn’t spend a fair amount of time on them. But I certainly didn’t have the right tools…

    • Yeah, probably by and large they do… but I know quite a few who prefer the pretty. And being a forever optimist, I think that there is always something in guys that does respond to ‘the pretty’ and can be reprogrammed. Not without difficulty of course…

  2. Ooo thanks for sharing, looking forward to reading the commentary.
    that calendar is LOVELY! i adore it 🙂
    so glad you got to do a little shopping! target is the best and after how hard you’ve been working, you so deserve some time off!
    enjoy your weekend sweet girl. XO

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