Project 366

So I’ve started the whole Project 365 thing several times before and I’ve run out of steam or got distracted by February or March. Lame, I know. But this year – you know, having a REAL public blog and all – I am determined to do it all the way through! Even the extra day making this Project 366! I’ve lowered my standards, too… just an Instagram photo every day. Surely I can do that, considering my phone is rarely very far from me? So here goes…

January 1 – Books. I love reading and was a voracious reader my entire childhood as long as I can remember. College kinda pulled me away from the whole reading for pleasure thing and while I’ve definitely read a fair amount in the past 4.5 years, I wouldn’t describe my literary habits as voracious any longer. I miss it… So I’ve set a goal (24 books – two a month) for this year and am trying to intentionally make sure I am reading consistently. On January 1 I was reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan (still am) and A Civil Contract by Georgette Heyer (have finished it and loved it! My favorite Heyer so far).

January 2 – Tea. I’m a tea girl (and make it decaf, please). It’s a long story, but mid-college I made it a point to stop regularly consuming caffeine (I wasn’t even that bad to begin with). Now it’s at the point where caffeine makes me crrrrazy and if I consume it past lunch? Forget sleeping that night! Anyway, I drink probably 2-3 cups of tea throughout the day. This is my favorite mug. I’ve had it forever – August is my birthday month and pansies are August’s flower. And my favorite flower.

Um. I think I’m writing way too lengthy captions, if they can even be called that. Brevity has never been a good descriptor for me.

January 3 – Snuggles. Lucy has been extra lovey since I returned from my Christmas trip. Every night she “makes biscuits” on my shoulder and then snuggles close. I love it!

January 4 – Knee socks! I’d been wanting some cute long socks to wear with boots, as I’d seen all the cool kids doing. I used some Christmas money to buy a couple pairs at Target. I love the added touch to my outfits!

^ Hey look that was shorter!

January 5 – I made one of my favorite soups! My friend Rachael’s lentil stew. Oh. Em. Gee. I make it a lot but I still get so happy because it’s just SO good (and cheap and easy)! I love vinegar.

January 6 – The roomie bought me a Scentsy wax warmer for my birthday last year. I love it! I turn it on almost every night before bed, as I’m doing my devotions. Right now it’s got French Lavender. Lovely. Oh and see the photo? That’s me and my darling sister, 7 years ago Sunday at her wedding.

January 7 – I went to Costco for the first time with my roomie. I scored BIG with this giant, 48 oz. bag of Craisins for just $3! That’s barely more than a regular bag at the grocery store! I love Craisins… plain, in salads, in oatmeal, in scones. Nom.

January 8 – Through roomie, M, I discovered Warby Parker. Glasses – including frames – for $95 (plus $30 if you have really bad eyes like I do)! We played around with the digital try-on feature and these were our favorites for me. The Zagg style. Sometime in the hopefully not distant future they will be on my face for real.

And that, my friends, is a wrap. I was kind of supposed to go to bed a long time ago. Whoops. I perfect the stalling bedtime technique as a child, so it’s no surprise I’m still doing it at 26. Goodnight, y’all!


3 thoughts on “Project 366

  1. “I perfect(ed) the stalling bedtime technique as a child” — riiiight. There’s always one more thing to say.

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