Once Upon a Time Wednesday

Holy whoa. Please can I have a hammock bed? I’m pretty sure I was a lot less covetous before I discovered Pinterest.

Ahem. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

So I’ve been thinking about ways to both motivate my blogging and make some sort of routine. Obvious solution: some sort of regular feature post (or two). I have to be like all the cool kids, you know. So. I came up with “Once Upon a Time Wednesdays.” I like telling stories and for a 26 year old I do think I’ve had a decently interesting life. Actually I think everyone has, but that’s a thought for another post. So I declare that from hence forth, every Wednesday I shall tell you Something about my past. A story, a memory, reveal my deep dark secrets… you get the idea. Y’all are smart, right?

So. I thought I’d tell you about how I used to be Rapunzel… kinda. Once upon a time, my hair was – as we say here in the South – A Hot Mess. Like underline, italicize, bold Hot Mess. It’s always been curly. And plentiful. And I brushed it. So it was a fluffy Hot Mess. I wish I had some old photos to show you from my middleschool and highschool years. Or maybe not, because I was pretty much Frump Girl and yeah. You might be shocked. I’ve come a looooong way, people.

Anyway, I slowly began to discover that my hair wasn’t so bad if I didn’t do certain things like brush it. And then I saw the light and discovered the Curly Girl/No ‘Poo (As in SHAMpoo) method 7 years ago. And my hair has been getting better and better. But first I got it into my head that I would see how long it would grow. And so by the end of my junior year in college it looked like this…

Rapunzel hair!

Every time I look at this picture my eyes bug out just a little bit because I forget how stinkin’ long it got. I chopped off 14″ (that curly inches… it was longer stretched out) and donated it to Wigs for Kids. And never in my life again shall my hair get that long.

Okay. This was pretty much the lamest start to Once Upon a Time Wednesdays. But I figured I just needed to start and this is what came to mind. ๐Ÿ™‚ But very few people in my life now know how ridiculously long my hair was and it’s kind of a fun fact. I promise you’ll actually get a real story next week.

Anyway. On the subject of hair… well I’ve got some interesting (and good) news to tell you! But I’m going to sit tight on it just a bit longer in the blogosphere. Ooooh. Secrets!


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