Project 366!

Bonsoir, mes petites chous!*

It’s time again for a new week of Project 366. Made it 15 days already – whew! Well, 16 including today but y’all won’t get to see that ’til next week.

January 9 – I finally caved and decided to get a hair dryer with diffuser. I’ve been a life-long wet-head, air-dryer but I’ve thought about a diffuser for a while (the ONLY way I would consider heat styling my delicate curly hair).

January 10 – In preparation for Once Upon a Time Wednesday, I was browsing through old photos. I came across this sweet one from September 2010, when I was visiting my month-old nephew. Auntie Boo loves her boy. And yes… somehow I still chose to write about my hair?

January 11 – The night before I accidentally ended up making spaghetti sauce from scratch, so M. and I decided to repeat the idea this night (aaaaand Saturday, too). It was delicious, if I’m allowed to say so myself! As I said on Facebook… for a Malaysian and a Western European mutt, we sure do Italian pretty well.

January 12 – I finally remember to start the process to make nut milk, via this tutorial video. It definitely looked like milk, but I think I must not have had enough pecans because it tasted like… kinda pecan-flavored water. Not quite drinkable but I’ve used it on oatmeal in the mornings.

January 13 – I was sorting through some boxes I brought to the condo in May, full of random things tossed in at the last minute. I’d intended to take care of them long ago but hadn’t until now. Lucy enjoyed playing with the packing paper. I still need to vacuum – there are bits of paper all over my room!

January 14 – These beautiful pansies (plus yellow ones, too!) greet me when I drive through our gate. Pansies are my very favorite flower (as I mentioned before) and it makes me so happy to see their cheery faces when I get home. Saturday afternoon instead of going straight inside from the car, I walked about the complex a bit, taking pictures. I hadn’t done that in a while but I love to talk solitary walks with a camera. It was good for my soul!

This girl is sleepy – so off to bed it is for me. Tomorrow is *MoNdAy* – the day of new beginnings! Have a super start to your week, y’all!


*Good evening, my little cabbages. According to my French prof in college (and she was truly French – a real Parisian), “cabbage” is a pet name in France. She always called us, “mes petites chous!”

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