Once Upon a Time Wednesday: Paint

Today’s OUaT isn’t so much a story as just a fact… once upon a time, I used to paint. starting in middle school, I believe, through high school I took art lessons from a local painter. She taught in a studio in the cute downtown area of the small town where I lived. Although it was a group class, each person received private instruction and advanced at his or her own pace. So it was really more of private lessons.

Still life... my last painting ever. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I loved painting. But I stopped after high school. I just didn’t have time in college, obviously, as a non-art-major. Sadly I told my mom she could give away all my supplies… I did oil painting and if you don’t know, it’s an expensiveย art medium. I didn’t really think I’d paint again. Upon hindsight reflection, I think I didn’t consider myself good enough to keep it up. Which is just a ridiculous idea to begin with. Why stop doing something just because you’re not good at it?

And then, in the first year I moved to Memphis, I had my mom send me some of my favorite paintings. Actually, the last two I ever did. And I realized something. I was good. And I loved it. AND I WANT TO PAINT AGAIN!

Sadly, I haven’t ever felt like I had the money at the right time to invest in setting myself up again to paint. But it’s a goal for when I’m employed again. I’ve gone through fits and spurts of doing art again; sketching, pastels, etc. It’s something I just need to discipline myself to do (and fight the self-doubt, too). I love it when I do… it’s like something dormant in me comes springing to vibrant life.

Master copy of a Monet

I am an artist. It’s not something that will only be confirmed if I sell a painting someday. I just am an artist. It’s part of who God created me to be. It’s woven into my being.

Is there anything you used to do but don’t know, and you wish you did? Or is there something you’ve always longed to learn but never was brave enough?



6 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time Wednesday: Paint

  1. Awww…. What a wonderful story! Yay! I’m so excited for you! Your heart is singing right now– just waiting to be released onto canvas. ;0)

  2. Oh friend…another amazing post… I am sitting here all choked up! First off – you are an incredible painter, wow. Not just saying that. What gorgeous art you have there. Very gifted… And yes, I understand what you mean about something you love and have stopped doing – I grew up singing and playing piano in church with my sister, and in the last years (because of certain things happening) we dont sing anymore together. You’ve inspired me to remember our loves and talents are a gift that should be used.
    Thanks for this post, girl! Such a kindred spirit ๐Ÿ™‚ PS – you need to sell those online. I would buy them!
    Love ya!

    • Well those exact paintings will never be sold! Too precious to me. ๐Ÿ™‚ I won’t even let my parents keep them.
      I’m so glad I could inspire you to keep singing! Call your sis… just have a quiet, little jam session the two of you.
      Love you back! xoxo

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