Once Upon a Time Wednesday: Bang a Drum

Whew. It’s good to feel well. I rarely get sick so this was a reminder to be thankful for my relative good health! Y’all, I was wiped out. Flu = not fun. But I’m back in time for Once Upon a Time. I promise I’ll get with the program soon and post other things than OUaT.

When I was about 11 I discovered this book at our local library. I probably read it at least a half dozen times before we moved a few years later. The book is now out of print and I’ve never seen it elsewhere. But I found it on Amazon for $0.01 a couple weeks ago and, of course, purchased it.
It came last week and I’m nearly finished. It’s not a difficult read. Based on a true family, it’s the story of Julian and Edie and how they build their family. After their first son, they commit to adoption. Gradually what was supposed to be four kids total grows to eight. Each chapter chronicles the arrival of a new child.
Of course reading the book now as an adult, there’s things I notice which I didn’t before. The occasionally saccharine ease with which such a diverse family bonds and grows. The huge difference between the adoption process in the 1960s and now. The sometimes hilariously unpolitically correct details of the story – stocking up on broccoli before adopting a Chinese girl because, “I’ve heard the Chinese like broccoli!” *headdesk*
But something remains the same from when I first read this 15 years ago. I didn’t exactly recognize what happened at the time, but when I finished the story the first time, I knew something. I knew that one day I would adopt. I now realize that this wasn’t just a sweet idea, it was a future planted in my heart by God. I’ve dreamed of it ever since. I know it’s part of His plan for my life. To be mommy to children not all born to me biologically, but all born in my heart. So reading the book now, sappy and simplified for children as it is, I laughed and cried and felt the dream grow even stronger. It’ll remain a treasure on my bookshelf and one day, I’ll sit down and read it to my little brood and celebrate how each one of the came to me.



8 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time Wednesday: Bang a Drum

  1. you have such a beautiful and sweet heart 🙂
    i have never heard of this book, going to look it up. i also share your heart to adopt children someday. may the Lord bring that day and prepare us for it! 🙂
    love you sweetie!

    • Aww thanks girlie!
      And the similarities continue! I love that so many in our generation are taking up the call to adopt. I do want to have babies thru pregnancy as well, but I believe adoption is just another, beautiful way to build a family. And I LOVE that both birth and adoption are images used in Scripture to describe our attachment to God!

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