I just got back from a special showing of the documentary Undefeated with Brenda. Y’all… Y’ALL. Go see it! It is such an inspiring, yet approachable, story. Seriously, I was starting to tear up not even 10 minutes into the film. Really honest scenes of life in the highschool’s community. In my town. Hard to realize such desperate squalor is a short drive from me.

It’s the story of the volunteer (VOLUNTEER) football coaches of Manassas High in North Memphis and how they took a 110 year old program known as the “whipping boy” of Tennessee and turned it into a winning team. But more importantly, it’s the story of lives impacted and changed. On both sides of the equation. Coaches to players, players to coaches.

Over and over again, Coach Bill Courtney pumps up his team to win, but most importantly he reminds them that the central thing is heart and character. Character, he reminds them after both wins and losses, is what you do with your failures, not your successes.

It’s a story of giving and sacrifice, learning and being humbled. It’s a reminder to forget our selfish concerns and do something for the sake of someone else (and that’s a near direct quote from the movie).

At the end of the film, we actually got to have a short question and answer session with Coaches Courtney and Ray. The last question was from a young boy who asked, “Who taught you so much about character?” Coach Courtney looked thoughtful for a second and then answered with conviction, “Jesus.”

Friends… let us be teachable with Jesus. We never know how He may end up using us!



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