Daily Dozen: 12 on 12

Hi friends! You know I like a fun photo challenge, especially when I can use my beloved Instagram. I’m joining Elizabeth Kartchner of Dear Lizzy with the Daily Dozen: 12 on 12. That’s 12 photos of taken during the day on the 12th of each month (or maybe the official rules don’t include every month, but those are MY rules). I’m hoping I’ll remember every month from now on. Oooh… need to set myself a reminder on my phone. On to what you really care about, photos of my intensely thrilling day yesterday!

l-r: Cats enjoying morning sunshine; Cheerios breakfast (I live on the edge); lying on my yoga mat doing leg exercises

l-r: getting my vehicle inspected (please note that’s pronounce VEE-hickle); I passed – woohoo for Cam and me!; stopped right by the crosses at Bellevue

l-r: Happy Hour!!! Love me some Sonic – a Lemonberry Slush, if you must know. It was a dollar well spent; my new pillow arrived from Amazon! – memory foam and it’s super nice (no more neck pain); $5 Rayban knock-offs from Wal-Mart since my other sunnies broke

l-r: a little organizing/decorating project I’ll feature soon – you won’t believe how this little magazine file started out!; a little pre-bed reading – I love Nouwen (it’s like I’m reading my own brain sometimes); finishing the day by praying a psalm

Hope you enjoyed this fascinating look into my little life! Hey! I saw you over there… quit your yawning.


6 thoughts on “Daily Dozen: 12 on 12

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