April 12 on 12

Do you remember the 12 on 12 post from last month? It’s that time again: time to take 12 photos on the 12th of the month. Well, actually, obviously that time is past. So here is my yesterday condensed to twelve Instagrams!

L-R: work out clothes with running shoes already shed after a 3.69 mile run; trying to be good lately about taking my vitamin every day; a trip to the most addicting store on the planet

L-R: twirling my rainbow skirt – it’s full and just begs to be twirled; smoothie time! – 1 whole gala apple, plus frozen strawberries, plus pineapple, plus vanilla yogurt, plus kids’ juice (a little weaker); side pony!

L-R: I promise this looked better before I saved it! The night sky – one of my favorite colors ever (if you look close there’s two stars – I think I must have accidentally changed the filter because it really was more obviously sky); a box of tiles ready for me to paint Scripture on Right Focus Designs; a little grooming for Lucy – she loves it!

L-R: Lucy saying, “I love you,” by making biscuits on my leg… and I think it’s time for a claw-clipping because it hurt!; Scripture card bookmark; the last thing I do before turning out the light: lip balm and hand lotion!

Yesterday wasn’t a particularly interesting day. I stayed at home for the most part. But that’s what this project is all about: capturing your day, no matter what it holds! Hope you enjoyed this little peek into my life.


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