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I know. I know… Father’s Day is the last time I’ve posted. Things have got busy around here. I moved. I went away for a big chunk of the summer. So much change. Good change… and I’ve been really rethinking the way I want to approach blogging. I’ve been dragging my feet on it really. Last week I marked my calendar to participate in The Girl Behind the Blog vlog link-up today. And then promptly forgot until this afternoon. I was “supposed” to have already done a catch-up, I’m back, let’s relaunch this thing post. I haven’t. But what better way to dive back in than this? So I turned my grandma’s armchair around to face my dining room (the best light downstairs, since I still have no lighting in the living room, and also to hide all the empty moving boxes and piles of Stuff), threw my all-day-with-a-toddler hair into a bun, touched up my make-up, and slipped on some jewelry and my favorite new cardi. So here goes… I hate watching myself, so I haven’t even viewed the video fully myself.

Sorry it’s five minutes long. Here’s a fact about me: I have an extremely difficult time being concise when I’m talking. I just like talking too much. So… I decided to leave it as is. It’s me.

Talk to y’all later… and SOON! I promise.




10 thoughts on “Influence – The Girl Behind the Blog

  1. Girl, this is a great vlog- you’re a natural! glad you took the time to link up. You are so right, we need to be intentional both in our online worlds and in our real worlds (especially around children)

  2. LOVE this. You’re adorable and these are such good lessons to learn!

    I’m so excited to have found your blog! You’re adorable. Non-mama bloggers united. 😉

  3. Super cute cardigan! Brazil sounds amazing. But even when it’s not specifically designed as “missions”, it’s so cool how God uses us to influence other- through our families or blogs or whatever we do!

    • Thanks… it’s from the Limited.
      I know! I think sometimes we forget that influence is every single day, not just the big obvious things like mission trips or child care or teaching at church…

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