Once Upon a Time: Jingle Bell Run

So I haven’t posted in over two months. I have some thoughts on that, why blogging has been hard for me, but I need a different space to get those thoughts into a cohesive post. Right now, my parents and I have finished our Christmas (they arrived late afternoon yesterday), and we are all sitting around playing with our iPads. Mine was a Christmas gift from some sweet friends!
Today’s Once Upon a Time is about what has become one of my favorite traditions. My dad has been running as long as I can remember (33 years apparently) and we figured out today that my mom has been a runner for about 20 years. 18 years ago, they started running together every Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. At first only my mom would tie jingle bells on her shoes, but in recent years my dad has decided he’s not too cool to do it. ­čśë
I have been running off and on for 8 or 9 years, and I’ve started joining them whenever I can on the Jingle Bell Run. A few years ago we even made t-shirts. Yeah, we’re that dorky! This year, my siblings are with their in-laws for Christmas, so my parents flew down to Memphis yesterday, once my dad’s Christmas Eve pastor duties were finished. This morning we got a rare treat of several inches of snow! We took our Jingle Bell Run to Shelby Farms, which was just gorgeous frosted in white. It was a great run! We only passed two people, an older couple out with their camera but I hope we made them smile!
Look how cute my parents are in their festive garb!
I hope we continue this for a long time. I look forward to the future when I may have a running stroller to push. Oh, yes, it’ll have some sleigh bells!