2012 30 Day Journal Challenge – Day 1!

This is my third year participating in the journal challenge hosted by the lovely Janel of Run With Scissors. And this is the year I am bound and determined I’ll actually finish it! Haha… I’m a little behind, but here is my first page:

Prompt: an introduction page.

You can see pages shared from the rest of the participants here, or you can also see what I did last year. And it’s not too late to get started yourself!



Days 8 + 9

Ooops. Didn’t realize I hadn’t posted yesterday’s prompt. I finished it kinda late, though, so makes sense. Ooooh… and I had an interview this morning for the job I really want! It went very well… I should hear about their decision in 3-4 days. He said I was “very poised.” *preens* Hahaha. That means I wasn’t too distracted by the fact that his shirt perfectly matched the wall (warm golden-yellow). It was almost like you could see the wall between the lapels of his jacket. Anyways, on to the art journal pages:

Day 8 – What would you put in a time capsule?

Obviously I wouldn’t put some of these things into a time capsule (hello? Whom would I sleep with without Curly?), but this was a “stretch your imagination” prompt. But these are great items to give a sense of my 2011 life to my descendants in 100 years time! Whom, apparently will have awesome hair-dos à la my Uncle Mark’s book Moog-Moog, Space Barber.

  Day 9 – Completely fill your page with something random. Leave your pen in your desk today and find beauty in the everyday random things around you.

I’ve never done much with mixed media journaling, but, um… IN LOVE. This is so cool because this prompt actually fits in very well for the vision for my (coming soon) Etsy shop. I actually feel like this page is very expressive of my life right now. My fav prompt so far.

That’s it for now… mi madre is coming tomorrow for a visit (!!!!!) and I need to do a little organizing/cleaning. And clean the major art journaling mess off my bed!


Day 7 – My Beautiful Friend Cat

Day 7 – Write a love letter to someone…

I actually had trouble with this one. I drew the envelope and stationery early in the day but absolutely could not decide on my recipient. I have so many people in my life who are amazing. Words are pretty important to me so I like to affirm my friends and family. Finally I asked M. (my roomie) and she suggested I think of someone who might need some words of affirmation. I immediately thought of my friend Cat from church. She is absolutely a ray of sunshine. I have seen her face a lot of heavy burdens and trials, not only with perseverance but also joy. I know I will never be with her without being blessed! I am so privileged to know her. So here’s to you, Cat! LOVE YOU! And I’m going to come do nothing with you before the week is over. Promise.


30 Day Journal Challenge – Days 2 & 3

Forgot to post Day 2 yesterday! I am SO glad I decided to post my pages to the Run With Scissors Flickr group because it is such a great community. I am so inspired by the other pages. I have 3 friends doing this with me which also adds to the fun! I have so many new ideas and techniques swirling in my head already and it’s only Day 3!

 Day 2 – 3-5 goals for yourself for this challenge

Day 3 – A list of things that should/must/I wish may happen in June

That’s all for now… may be back in a little with another post. I was thinking about writing a little of my feelings saying goodbye to Baby J today, but it’s making me way too sad to think about already!