Influence – The Girl Behind the Blog

I know. I know… Father’s Day is the last time I’ve posted. Things have got busy around here. I moved. I went away for a big chunk of the summer. So much change. Good change… and I’ve been really rethinking the way I want to approach blogging. I’ve been dragging my feet on it really. Last week I marked my calendar to participate in The Girl Behind the Blog vlog link-up today. And then promptly forgot until this afternoon. I was “supposed” to have already done a catch-up, I’m back, let’s relaunch this thing post. I haven’t. But what better way to dive back in than this? So I turned my grandma’s armchair around to face my dining room (the best light downstairs, since I still have no lighting in the living room, and also to hide all the empty moving boxes and piles of Stuff), threw my all-day-with-a-toddler hair into a bun, touched up my make-up, and slipped on some jewelry and my favorite new cardi. So here goes… I hate watching myself, so I haven’t even viewed the video fully myself.

Sorry it’s five minutes long. Here’s a fact about me: I have an extremely difficult time being concise when I’m talking. I just like talking too much. So… I decided to leave it as is. It’s me.

Talk to y’all later… and SOON! I promise.