WHO: Alanna. 26. A geographically heritage-less transplant slowly assimilating the Southern life. A college graduate. An adult learning how to be one. Recently-unemployed, soon-to-become full-time nanny on May 1. A craftswoman and an artist. A blooming fashionista. A lover of vintage and tradition. A daughter, sister, cousin, niece, granddaughter, and friend to many. A musician and music enthusiast. An amateur baker. A CHILD OF GOD. Affectionate, silly, loyal, creative, dreamy, stubborn, strong, tender-hearted, deep.

WITH: Charlie and Lucy (Lu), my two furry feline sidekicks and occasional stars of the Charlie + Lu blog. And a host of other friends and family making appearances throughout my posts.

WHAT: My first public blog. A companion to the new Charlie + Lu Etsy shop. A chronicle of fashion, art, crafts, and the process of being me (see WHO).

HOW to contact me: charlieandlu at gmail dot com


1 thought on “About

  1. Alanna, I so enjoy reading your words, when I drop in occasionally. You are too cute and so talented. It’s like, what should I do first? And now a new job for you. Double duty lurks in the near future. Have fun and good luck in all facets of your life. Hugs, Sarah

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